Speakeasy – out and about in 2019-2020!

02/03/2018 Robby

Speakeasy – out and about in 2019-2020!

Southpaw is delighted to announce that Phil Hargreaves, a talented and experienced producer, has come on board to develop a tour for Speakeasy in 2019-2020.

Speakeasy was originally developed in early 2016, with two early stage showcases at Dance City in Newcastle and PDSW in Bournemouth. Following on from the hugely successful outdoor touring piece, Faust, Speakeasy features world-class BBoying fused with 1920s swing styles, cameo performances from local swing groups, a spectacular 1920s themed set, stunning projection visuals, a cinematic soundtrack comprising big band classics and contemporary hits, alongside the distinctive Southpaw movement vocabulary that has been called, “atmospheric, vigorous, and breathtaking” (Sarah Crompton, Daily Telegraph).

And Phil will be working hard to establish Southpaw’s first ever indoor tour – Speakeasy will now be developed for initial preview/premiere in Spring 2019 with a view to extended touring in 2020. Phil is a highly experienced producer, with 35 UK tours and four international tours to his credit in the last five years. He has a dynamic and passionate approach to producing, with a thirst for building and developing new relationships, touring networks and new audiences. Currently the Creative Producer for DEDA, Phil is also working with Joss Arnott Dance and Highly Sprung, among others.

Phil commented, “I’m very pleased to be working with such an exciting dance company and with such a mesmerising show. Speakeasy has something truly different to offer venues – spectacular, inspiring, engaging dance theatre at its best.”

We are thrilled that Phil has joined the Southpaw team and can’t wait to get Speakeasy on the road. As one audience member said, it is “The most explosive piece of dance I’ve ever seen – energetic, risky, quirky, humorous – hypnotic from the start!”

Watch the promo film here

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