This video represents a culmination of several lifetimes of experience and learning. Every show we create is informed by the experience of those who have gone before us… whether it is the artists we have been inspired by, the direction provided from mentors and legends, or the multitude of people we have been lucky enough to work with, dance with, and get to know. We truly stand on the shoulders of giants. We love what we do, and this video stands as testament to the epic amount of work that we have carried out in the past five years. It is only the start for us, and if we have effected change, we only ask that you watch what happens next. This is more than dance. We are very proud of this video, and are so happy to share with those that have supported us.

Choreography and Direction by Robby Graham and Dancers
Promo edited by Jelly Jels with footage from Dan Lowenstein, Novak, and James Coyle.

Dancers featured: Tyrone Huntley, Billy Cummins, Luke Jessop, Tiffy Bell, Robert Anderson, Samuel Baxter, Daniella May, Dan Lowenstein, Benjamin Shepherd, Alicia Meehan, Arran Green, Alex Rowland, Berta Contijoch, Kate Pilbeam, James Rosenthal, Melissa Bravo, Tom Tindall, and, most importantly, our incredible immunity cast members in South Shields, Blackpool, Middlesbrough, Hull, London, Australia and elsewhere… without you we are nothing!

Featuring footage from Faust, Carousel, Speakeasy, Icarus, Rush South Shields, Wordplay, Rush Hull, Rush Blackpool, Erimus, Leave To Remain, and Beautiful Thing.

Thank you to all the incredible dancers who have created the work with me and gave 100% every minute of rehearsals.