“…fluid movement is a joy to watch… as elegant as ballet. All on stage have an uncanny, gravity-defying poise… uplifting their audience in a spectacle that is joyfully Mephistophelean.” Eve Stebbing, The Daily Telegraph

“Southpaw’s open-air work combines the combative prowess of its performers with punchily rhythmic dynamics” Sanjoy Roy, The Guardian

 “Would I see this again? A thousand times. A thousand and one times and still never tire of it” LiveReview.co.uk

 “…bringing the house down to the sound of jazz standards…a breathtaking display” Sarah Crompton, The Daily Telegraph

  “Witty, hard-edged, sure in focus, and sizzling in energy” Clement Crisp, The Financial Times

“Atmospheric, vigorous, and breath-taking.” Sarah Crompton, The Daily Telegraph

 “Graham segues fluid B Boying danced with expressive skill into long-limbed contemporary motion; the effect is darkly mesmerising, the quartet of coiling bodies springing and unspringing, beautiful to watch.” Donald Hutera, Dance Tabs

“…a highly charged, riveting 44 minutes which had the audience whooping and cheering” Peter Lathan, British Theatre Guide

“…a stunning spectacle… dance, but not as we know it.” Katy Wheeler, Sunderland Echo

“Southpaw Company’s reputation grows with each project. They make contemporary dance not only accessible but create a sense of ownership in their audiences and performers.” Ray Spencer MBE

“Dance City are very passionate supporters of Southpaw Dance Company.  They are a company which has consistently made quality dance product which has toured nationally and internationally.  They are creative and also very considerate of their audience, making work that both challenges and excites.  Dance City have supported Southpaw for over 5 years and are continuing to do so, championing them as the next company from the North East of England to make significant impacts on the mid-scale dance circuit, both indoor and outdoor”, Anthony Baker, Former Artistic Director and Joint CEO, Dance City

“I’d just like as many people as possible to experience the euphoria and enrichment that comes with being involved with Southpaw”, participant, Icarus

“the interactions between the dancers and the pupils was fantastic – so positive, encouraging and inclusive”, teacher, Institute of Physics workshops

It is one of those rare moments in theatre that reminds you that life is worth living” audience member, Carousel

“Tonight was amazing, just couldn’t take my eyes off the stage”, audience member, Carousel

“A stunningly exhilarating performance of #erimus tonight @mbro_townhall by @SouthpawCompany. Reminded me why I’m proud to be a smoggy. Well done and thank you to everyone involved”  Mick Thompson

“I can only rate 5* because that’s the max available but all the stars in the universe wouldn’t be enough for Southpaw!! Taking part in ERIMUS had been one of the best experiences of my life. #Erimus #foreverinmyheart Thank you Southpaw” Lisa McCawley

 “The best dance performance I’ve seen, full-stop.” audience member, Rush

“I feel I speak for many in that the biggest change was not any in the show, it was the change to our hearts, the change to our souls, and the change to our lives.” Participant, RUSH Hull

“The most explosive piece of dance I’ve ever seen energetic, risky, quirky, humorous – hypnotic from the start”  audience member, Speakeasy 

“Great story- telling & exceptional lighting responsive to breath-taking dancing.”audience member, Speakeasy

“Stunning performance of Speakeasy last night! Responsive lighting was really cool!”  audience member, Speakeasy

“Work in progress? Pfft. Blown away by the brilliant Southpaw Company’s Speakeasy” (plus talented SwingTyne-ers)” audience member, Speakeasy

“It’s making my heart go crazy, I just want to dance!” 6 year old audience member, Faust

“Fabulous. Their storytelling filled the crowds with so much energy, the atmosphere was breathtaking.” audience member, Faust

“Just seen them two nights running…absolutely awesome, I could watch them everyday, just incredible.” audience member, Faust

“Brilliant group of dancers loved every moment of RUSH 2015” audience member, Rush

“I have just performed in a mass movement with Southpaw named Wordplay and its safe to say it was amazing, the rehearsals, tech runs and the final performance was made enjoyable by the company! If you have the opportunity to work with this company DO IT!” participant, Rush and Wordplay

“Not only were we blown away by the incredibly moving production, the skill of the performers and the stunning visual and audio spectacle, we have seen such confidence and grace grow in our daughter’s performance after learning in your workshops & rehearsals. We are so, so grateful that she was given the opportunity to dance with you, and wish we could come and watch it all again! Awesome and inspiring in equal measure.” audience member, Wordplay

 “Southpaw was great and one of the audience’s favourites, everybody is talking about them!” Yan Defrasne, Fetes De La Tour Blanche

“Not only are the audience enthralled, the performers are left with magical memories, an amazing sense of achievement, and will have no doubt forged brilliant new friendships too!” participant, Rush and Wordplay

“Thanks for an unforgettable experience. I also really appreciated how you taught the students and encouraged them to be ‘responsible, honest and vulnerable’. Really amazing. They helped teach us the steps and how to behave:-)” participant, The Future of Things Past

“When I grow up I want to be someone like that”. Audience member, Speakeasy

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