Carousel is a visually spectacular, viscerally enthralling tale of a fairground after dark.

Carousel features a  fully functioning merry-go-round, which provides the centrepiece for an edgy story of the enigmatic characters who inhabit the fairground. As the fair shuts down for the night, its public face gives way to the exhilarating private celebrations and personal tragedies of an intensely close-knit group of people.

Music, dance and drama combine for a stunning piece of dance theatre, in which the performers use the carousel’s revolving platform to flip, roll, dive, and spin to an eclectic balkan and gypsy-influenced score.

Commissioned by Without Walls, co-commissioned by Stockton International Riverside Festival, So Festival, and Appetite Festival, with support from 101 Creation Space, Carousel has been performed to over 20,000 people, with 26 performances.

“Tonight was amazing, just couldn’t take my eyes off the stage”, audience member, Carousel

It is one of those rare moments in theatre that reminds you that life is worth living” audience member, Carousel

Would I see this again? A thousand times. A thousand and one times and still never tire of it” (

“Really absolutely totally brilliant.” (Xavier Leret, NASAUK)

Artistic Direction: Robby Graham

Choreography: Robby Graham

Dancers: Benjamin Shepherd, Katie Webster, Nathan French, Alicia Meehan, Luke Jessop,Tiffany Bell

Producer: Frank Wilson, Event International

Promo clip: Darren ‘Jelly’ O’Kane

Footage Credit: Darren Teale, Junction 15