RUSH is the heart of Southpaw – a spectacular, visceral, large-scale outdoor work inspired by the mass movement of global protest, incorporating 100 local community cast alongside Southpaw’s company dancers. 

Originally commissioned by The Cultural Spring in South Tyneside, RUSH has since been staged in Hull and Blackpool, each time drawing on the place to tell the stories that matter to local residents. 

“The best dance performance I’ve seen, full-stop.” audience member, Rush

“I feel I speak for many in that the biggest change was not any in the show, it was the change to our hearts, the change to our souls, and the change to our lives.” Participant, RUSH Hull

“I’m so glad I decided to do something for myself and I’m determined to keep that up and continue with more new ventures.” Participant, RUSH Blackpool

“The stand out moment of Lightpool 2018” Audience member, RUSH Blackpool

We are actively seeking partners to stage RUSH from 2021 to 2025 – it can only be staged once a year. More details

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