18/09/2018 Robby

Review of Carousel at Freedom Festival

Reproduced from “Amelia in Hull” blog, image by Danielle Dee


If you read my blog post of Freedom Festival 2017, you might remember that Southpaw Dance Company were at the Festival last year, performing a piece called ‘Rush’. This year, they returned with a different piece called ‘Carousel’. ‘Carousel’ featured a fully operational carousel as a prop in their routine which centred around the lives of the mysterious characters who reside in the fairground. After the fair had shut for the night, its public facade was shattered in the private celebrations and personal tragedies that the members of an extremely close knit group experienced. The spectacular dance theatre performance hosted a mixture of music, dance and drama and focused in on the particular style of Balkan and gypsy influenced dance. This event was my favourite from the Freedom Festival 2018 because the combination of music, dancing and drama was absolutely incredible and the performance was very different from anything I’d ever witnessed before. I loved the style of dancing that was featured in the event and it takes an incredible amount of skill to perfectly execute each dance move and trick and the performers really delivered with this. I really hope that Southpaw Dance Company return to the Freedom Festival next year for the third time.