RISE – Brent 2020 Year of Culture

20/10/2019 Robby

RISE – Brent 2020 Year of Culture

We can finally share…. WE ARE CREATING THE OPENING EVENT FOR Brent 2020, London Borough of Culture!!! We are seeking up to 300 participants to join us for the latest Southpaw Dance Company spectacle at WEMBLEY PARK! Been working away on this one quietly but have an incredible team on board and an amazing community to celebrate. We kick off the Year of Culture on 18th January 2020. Here we go!

Brent is the home of Rachel Yankey, Riz Ahmed, Zadie Smith; the home of the Grunwick strikers, of reggae and rebellion, great roads, legendary family businesses, famous Irish pubs, trailblazing young poets, Metroland architects and the builders of the biggest Hindu Temple in Europe. Like Brent they did, and do, things in their own way. RISE will tell the story of how this little-known corner of the capital – in its activism, writing and athleticism – travelled from the margins to change British culture. Brent is rising – a fragile but precious union of people who make a life in common. It has shown for generations that people from different countries, faiths and backgrounds can live, learn, grow and make a home together. Everyone is welcome!



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