19/09/2014 Robby


Pericles at NT

If Gene Kelly were alive today, he’d be on his feet, cheering”, audience member, Speakeasy.

“To watch you dance was to hear our local community hearts speak”, audience member, Erimus.

Southpaw Dance Company was set up in 2013 under the artistic direction of choreographer Robby Graham. The company creates work within dance theatre that has been called, “… witty, hard‐edged, sure in focus, and sizzling in energy” (Clement Crisp, Financial Times).

Since 2013, Southpaw Dance Company has created powerful, joyous performances, from small scale solo work to large scale outdoor spectaculars, combining absolute artistic integrity with engaging narratives which inspire and excite audiences.

Southpaw was great and one of the audience’s favourites, everybody is talking about them!” Yan Defrasne, Fetes De La Tour Blanche

Infinitely versatile, infinitely virtuosic, Southpaw’s work is inspiring, thought-provoking, engaging, and full of joie de danse.

It is one of those rare moments in theatre that reminds you that life is worth living” audience member, Carousel.

For more info on the repertoire of work Southpaw has created, go to our Work page.



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