A mass movement spectacle brought to you by Southpaw Dance Company, Event International and The Cultural Spring.

The Rush Project is inspired by a 21st Century phenomenon: all over the world people have shown their dissatisfaction with prevailing social and economic conditions by taking to the streets to protest. Mass action has become an a staple of the TV news – from the first, peaceful demonstrations of the Arab Spring, to ordinary Brazilians protesting at the waste and extravagance of the FIFA World Cup, to students and young people in Hong Kong demanding democratic rights. Many would argue that the the 2011 London Riots had their origins in legitimate grievances (lack of employment prospects, alienation from local and national politics, hostility to police tactics) even though they degenerated into violence and looting.

Were there opportunities for engagement and dialogue that were missed? Why do so many people feel that, even in a democracy, their voices aren’t listened to? The ‘Rush’ project will engaged with potentially disaffected people in key wards in South Tyneside and Sunderland. It aspired to give a voice to grievances, tell the stories that matter, and find an outlet for everyday frustrations in a huge release of energy and creativity.

The project consisted of 11 weeks of dance, writing and film workshop delivery in local wards to derive material that formed the show. The piece follows three archetypes, a zero hours worker, a young mother, and a homeless character. Through the lens of their stories we tell the wider story of the issues people in areas of low engagement face. Created in partnership with Cultural Spring CCP, Rush is a site responsive, touring show available for 2015 onwards.

Promo clip by Darren ‘Jelly’ O’ Kane

Artistic direction 
Robby Graham

Robby Graham and Benjamin Shepherd

Visuals and Projection Mapping

Event International

Assistant Producer
Katie Lodge

Ben Shepherd, Katie Webster, Rachel Birch, Nathan French, John Kendall, Catherine Muckle, with dancers from Sunderland College, Sunderland University, Mortimer Community College, Boldon Community Association, Customs Space, East Durham College, The Garage Urban Styles and freerunners from Apeuros

Ellen Phethean

Sound Recordist & Editing
Ed Carter

Production Management
DA Technical

Safety Management
DGB Events

Site Liaison
Snap to Black

Darren ‘Jelly’ O Kane

Dan Prince

Rob Lawson
With thanks to –

Emma Kernohan and all the students at Sunderland College
Kayleigh Gage and East Durham Creates
Tracy Hallway and the pupils of Mortimer College
Rachel Emms-Hobbins and all the students at Sunderland University
The Customs Space dancers
Boldon Community Association dancers
Made in Tyne and Wear
Ben Shepherd and Katie Webster

Commissioned by The Cultural Spring
With support from South Tyneside Council and South Shields Business Works

Rush is available for touring in 2016 and beyond, providing a bespoke mass movement experience in each locality Rush is delivered in. For more info and to discuss how Rush can be delivered in partnership with your organisation please contact Frank@Eventi.co.uk


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