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Icarus is the brand new outdoor work from Southpaw.

It is a dance theatre interpretation of the Greek myth which explores a universal human story: the tension between our ambition and our capability; between our hopes and dreams and our (perceived) reality.

Using daring physicality, leaps, jumps, and lifting, we will see Icarus’ obsession with the skies and his quest to achieve flight. Using dance and the distinctive, highly physical language that Southpaw has become known for, Icarus will leap, flip, and lift, ever raising the stakes in the bid to attain flight, ever looking upwards.

Icarus premieres at the Great Exhibition of the North on 22nd June and then visits Greenwich and Docklands International Festival on 24th June. It can also be seen at:

  • 30th June – South Shields
  • 8th July – Mouth of the Tyne Festival
  • 4th August – SIRF, Stockton
  • 5th August – SIRF, Stockton
  • 29th September – Weston super Mare

And will be further developed for touring in 2019-2021.

Development has been funded by Stomping Ground, Stockton International Riverside Festival and South Tyneside Council.

Ticket details coming soon!