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Icarus is the brand new outdoor work from Southpaw. Featuring an impressively mythic set of wings, with blistering lifting and contact work alongside Southpaw’s distinctive mix of intense physicality and narrative, Icarus is a dance theatre interpretation of the classic Greek myth. 

“Southpaw’s open-air work combines the combative prowess of its performers with punchily rhythmic dynamics” The Guardian

Tour dates for 2019 are:

Saturday 8th June, 9pm:  Circulate, Bell Square, Hounslow, London

Sunday 30th June, 1.30pm and 4.15pm: PDSW Festival of Dance, Bournemouth

Tuesday 2nd – Saturday 6th July Ana Desetnica Festival, Slovenia

Sunday 4th August: Kultour, Plettenberg, Germany

Friday 9th August, 8.30pm: Kulturamt, Bielefeld, Germany

Sunday 11th August, 11am and 2pm: Hayes Outdoor Festival

Tuesday 13th August: Kulturburo, Duelmen, Germany

Thursday 15th August, 1.30pm: SALT Festival, The Castle Bude and Heritage Centre, Bude

Friday 16th August, 2pm and 6pm: SALT Festival, Penzance on the Prom

Saturday 17th August, 2pm and 4pm: SALT Festival, Liskeard Westbourne Gardens

Monday 19th August, 12.30 and 2pm: SALT Festival, At Austell, Aylmer Square

Tuesday 20th August, 12noon and 2pm: SALT Festival, Falmouth Pier

Thursday 22nd August, 12noon and 2pm: SALT Festival, Redruth Fore Street

Salt Dance Festival (Bodmin, Penzance, Liskeard, St Austell, Redruth and Bude) Cornwall

Saturday 24th August, 4.30pm and 7.45pm: Spoffin Festival, Amersfoort, Holland

Sunday 25th August, 4.45pm: Spoffin Festival, Amersfoort, Holland

Saturday 31st August, 2pm and 4.30pm: Circulate, Ilford, London

Saturday 14th September, 1pm and 3.30pm: Out There Festival, Great Yarmouth

Sunday 15th September, 1pm and 3.30pm: Out There Festival, Great Yarmouth

Icarus exists as both a promenade performance with a unique lifting mechanism that allows Icarus to soar above audience members, and a static 30 minute dance theatre production that relates the narrative of Icarus’s encounter with the Sun.

“Icarus opens with an arcane collective ritual in which the men – Icarus in white, four accomplices in black, all smeared with shamanic face paint – jab their arms upwards, then brandish white flags, as if to invoke some higher power. Icarus (Samuel Baxter) is bestowed an impressively mythic pair of wings…  and lifted skywards into a hurtling encounter with Laura Vanhulle as an imperious, gold-painted sun goddess.” The Guardian

Icarus is available for booking for 2019-2020 and can be performed twice a day with two promenades per day. For information and booking contact frank@eventi.co.uk 

Icarus was co-commissioned by GDIF and The Place through Stomping Ground, Stockton International Riverside Festival and South Tyneside Council. The restaging of Icarus for touring in 2019 was made possible by Arts Council England.