Marco Di Nardo

Marco began his road in the bboy world in 2004 in Naples. After many years of hard work, he became part of “Double B Rockers Crew”, a legendary Italian breakdance crew. At the same time, he toured with companies, such as Vittorio Toraldo, Laboratories Flegrei and Peppe Barra. He also took part in many competitions and won numerous events around Europe. In Berlin, his life changed. He finally got the opportunity to change and evolve from bboying to experimental dance, where he unifies his strong style with tricking, power moves and contemporary dance.

“I was one of the last to be part of Carousel team, and in few weeks a could see the beauty of the company, charming, easy-going and like you where part of a family where each takes care of the others. Touring with company was a great experience, travelling, meeting new people, discovering new places, experiencing new adventures.I am very happy of be part of this fantastic family.”