The Physics of Dance

Wordplay Dancer

We are delighted to announce that Southpaw Dance Company is working with the Institute of Physics and Durham University on a series of workshops that will explore the physics of dance.

Do you remember the spectacular responsive light in Speakeasy? Or the projection mapping in RUSH and Wordplay?

We are organising four half-day workshops from with physicists, dancers and members of the local communities to explore the creation and performance of artistic work, and how physics-based technologies (and the principles of physics) can be used to deepen the appreciation of dance.

  • 5th December – Sunderland College (College students only)
  • 9th January – 6.30pm to 8.30pm, Dance City, Newcastle
  • 19th February – 6.30pm to 8.30pm, Dance City, Newcastle
  • 7th April – 12noon to 2pm, Church Hall, Springfield Way, Hull

We have over 140 sign ups so technically we are full but if you email and state which workshop you’d prefer, we’ll put you on the waitlist.

This is an exciting project for us, one that we hope will be the start of a sustained relationship between Southpaw and scientists. We hope you can join us.

This activity is funded by the IoP and supported by Durham University, and Dance City at the Fire Station, Sunderland.